The African-American Cowboy returns

    I was exhausted this morning. I almost went to class,turned in my paper and went back to bed. I’m glad that I didn’t because as I walked to my next class I ran into my A-A Cowboy. I was already upset because my professor didn’t follow his syllabus and I spent ten hours of my precious sleeping time writing a paper that he didn’t even take up.

But nonetheless, A-A Cowboy made my day just a little bit better. The way he smiled at me made me feel as though it took me hours to get dressed instead the fifteen minutes that it really took. Sort of made me want to go rethink my outfit. It seems as though I’ve been seeing him in passing a lot lately. I haven’t seen him any longer than twenty seconds at a time. But I often find myself asking him how is he? What is he up to? Where has he been? Just to keep him around a little bit longer. It feels nice when he lingers in the room just to talk while the rest of his friends wait for him.

My friends keep telling me that I’m in love but I barely know the kid. I just find him slightly irresistible. 🙂 I find myself referring to him as my cowboy. I guess I’m trying to speak it into existence. I’m done ranting about him for now. This has been another episode of the African-American Cowboy.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Until next time!


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