The Familiar Stranger

How many of you have ever taken yourself out on a date? Well personally, I tend to do that a lot. I find myself needing to get away from the stresses of this world and be alone. This day was no different. I wanted to go somewhere and be alone. I needed some Me time, if you will. So to a local restaurant I went.

I took a seat in my usual spot between the door and the register. I placed my usual order. As the waitress left my table, in He walks. I knew him from around campus and from his previous relationship with a coworker. He also worked there.

He conversed with his coworkers for a minute. he joked around about them not having My food ready yet. He then placed his order. He ordered a cheesburger with fries. Typical guy food. He then made his way over to my table. He introduced himself. For security purposes we’ll just call him Eddie. I like that name for some reason. He proceeded to have a seat across from me. He asked what I ordered. He proceeded to give me his opinion on my menu choice, which he happened to think was a good one.

He had a flirtatious demeanor about him which in turn made me nervous. I started to laugh which I tend to do when that happens. He made it very clear that he was no longer dating the girl that he was previously seeing. He also asked why was I eating alone. I told him I tend to do that sometimes. He then told me that he noticed. He informed me that he pays attention to the people he serves….. Here comes the blushing. Even though I tend to think I’m too dark to blush, he brought it out of me anyway.

He sat with me for the next hour. We ate and we talked. We both agreed that we enjoyed eachother’s company. He left.

The next week, I was at the local grocery store. it was time to checkout. I proceeded to the shortest line possible and guess who was in front of me…….
Figured it out yet?
You guessed it, it was Eddie.

He smiled at me, I smiled back. I asked how he was, he said he was doing fine. I agreed that I was doing the same. He stumbled over the next few items as he finished checking out, which made me wonder if he was nervous. I know I was.

The moral of this story is, forget what mom said about not talking to strangers, it’s always a pleasant surprise to run across this familiar stranger.

The thing that makes him even more intriguing, he never once asked for my number!!

Until next time!


*Disclaimer* I am in no way condoning talking to strangers…… But I’m grown!! 🙂

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