Let it flow

I’m often placed in situations that cause me to evaluate my life. Living in a small town with not much to do, I find myself engaging in conversations with people who cross my path.

The other night I had a conversation with a friend about relationships. Though our views were different, it was interesting nonetheless. We started discussing current situations. I say situations because neither one of us were in relationships. Neither of them seemed to understand where I was coming from.

My situation:

I’ve been known to be rather forward when it comes to guys. I’ve always had to work for the things I want. That applies to everything, in my opinion. I’m not even sure what it means to play hard to get. I feel like that’s playing games. I’m not the one to let my opponent beat me by default. Many tell me that’s a good thing but that’s not always been my experience. Guys seem to freak out when I let them know how I feel. I put all of my cards on the table and they fold. So you can probably imagine the effect that it had on me. I stopped letting them know. It also left me with a lot of regrets.

Until now, I met this guy who didn’t fit the mold of anyone I have ever met before. He was so down to earth and genuine that I sort of needed him to know how I felt. So I told him and guess what…….. He didn’t freak out. He’s what some people call a breath of fresh air. But he’s what I call a rainbow after a downpour. You seem to appreciate the little things when things haven’t gone well in a long time. It’s quite refreshing.

My conversation partner asked what made him so special. My answer was that he’s different. He never questions my motives, he just goes with the flow and that in turn makes it easier for me to be patient. I can be myself which says a lot about him. There’s no reason to put my wall up. I just go with the flow. It seems to fit our thing perfectly. Whatever that thing is lol.

My Pastor once told me that you’ll know when someone is supposed to be in your life by how things go. If you don’t have to try, If things just flow, then they’re there for a reason. I wholeheartedly believe that.

Moral of this story:
When it flows you just know 🙂


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