25 Things You Should Know Before Dating Me

1. I’m a hopeless romantic; therefore I give very romantic gifts, maybe too quickly at times.
2. I’m as forward as a girl can get. If I like you, you’ll know it.
3. I’ll write about you; however you may not get to read everything.
4. If you don’t like poetry, things may not work out, considering that’s my passion
5. I’m absolutely in love with Nate Marshall. Don’t get too jealous, I’ve never met him before.
6. I listen to a wide variety of music. Don’t be surprised if you run across a mixed cd featuring Lee Brice and Luther Vandross.
7. If you take me out to eat, I promise not to order the lobster, but I won’t order the salad either.
8. Once we’ve been dating for a while, I’ll pay sometimes. No need to go broke, I can afford to feed you too, just don’t order the lobster 🙂
9. I love to cook, so don’t be surprised if I invite you over to dinner a lot.
10. If I talk to my mom and you come up in conversation, it’s a good thing.
11. My sister is my best friend, if she doesn’t like you; it’s not a good sign.
12. I’m very quiet until you get to know me, then you might not be able to get me to shut up.
13. If I get too quiet, I probably have something on my mind.
14. My father passed away when I was young, so when the time comes be prepared to meet my pastor, he’s the next best thing. And yes his opinion matters.
15. Speaking of pastors, I value everything he says, I attend his church as often as possible, you’ll get cool points for coming with.
16. I read a lot; I don’t like to be interrupted while I’m reading. Most of the time it’s the only way that I get to unwind.
17. I love receiving random text messages throughout the day letting me know you were thinking about me.
18. I would rather have conversations with you in person than over the phone if we can help it.
19. There are a lot of places that I’ve never been, so there are a lot of perfect date places 🙂
20. I don’t have any tattoos, not even sure if I want any.
21. I get excited about small things; it may be a good idea to humor me, even if you aren’t all that interested.
22. After a long frustrating day, all I may need is a hug, most of the time I’ll ask.
23. I like action, horror, suspense, and drama films. But I’m a true fan of chick flicks. I own more of the latter.
24. I don’t cry often, but when I do, there’s reason to worry
25. I have a huge heart, If you treat me right, I’ll be sure to make room for you.

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