Getting out of My Own Way

I recently finished reading Tyrese Gibson’s book entitled “How to Get out of Your Own Way.” I learned a lot in the amount of time it took me to read it. It actually took me a little bit longer than I had planned on it. But I believe everything happens when it is supposed to. I don’t think I would have taken heed to much of the information if I had read this before now. I preordered the book a while ago and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I’ve also been changing some things in my life for the better. I’m becoming a better version of me. So now was the perfect time to learn how to get out of my own way.

Let me start by saying that I have been a fan of Tyrese since the beginning of his career. I’m not even sure how old I was when he did the Coca Cola commercial. But that is beside the point. I followed him to Hollywood and I later found myself growing closer to him through his “Love Circle.” For those who don’t know what that is, I’ll explain. It started as him leaving messages on a voicemail service. He then started to give advice on life issues based on his experiences. Then people started to respond to these messages with testimonies and stories about how his messages were affecting their lives. I remember getting a text in the middle of the night saying that he had sent a new message. I would go to my room where it was quiet and listen to him for however long he felt like talking. It was interesting to say the least. He would say things like, “Think of me as your boyfriend, I’m here for you.” That may not be an exact phrase of his, but it works. I was intrigued, because he was filling that void for some people. I must admit that being single, I anxiously waited for his messages. I felt as though I knew him. So when he decided to publish a book, I had to be the first one to receive a copy.

Enough about that, this book gave me so much information. I feel like I could conquer anything with the information that I learned. There are things in my life that I know were holding me back from enjoying my gifts and ultimately being successful. I won’t go into details, but I’ve become more aware of what I have to do. One of the things that he explained was your circle of friends. He asked who your five people are. I had to sit down and think about the five people who I spend most of my time with. I’m ecstatic to say that the five people I spend my time with are benefiting me greatly. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t sow into my life just as much as I sow into theirs. Things weren’t always this way, unfortunately. I would give, give, and give some more to people and would never get anything in return. Not saying that I give, expecting to receive anything back, I just believe in reaping what I sow. I also believe in sowing in fertile ground. If I sow into someone’s life and they aren’t bearing any fruit, then there’s really no point in me continuing to sow into their lives. I had to let a few people out of my circle over the past few years. Honestly, I’ve learned that the more you grow, if the people around you have no intentions of growing, then ultimately they will leave your circle on your own.

Now that I know how not to be in my own way, I look at things differently now. I know that some people prefer not the read self-help books, but this one truly is worth the time. It wasn’t all common sense, and I’m sure there’s something in there for everyone. I said all of that to say, go get the book and give it a try. Tell me how it helped you.

Until next time……..


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