Love the Player, Not the Game

It’s right before the 1st quarter and I’m nervous.
It’ll be my 1st play, I’m a rookie in the game.
I see you smile and I forget every play that I was ever taught.
You’re on the offense and it draws me to you even more.
It gives me a reason to approach you.
I move closer to the line of scrimmage,
I need the ball to be in your field, your end zone.
None of these other players really matter,
You’re my number one starter.
You’re in a league of your own,
The most effective wide receiver I know.
The T.O. of your generation,
No one really understands your talent.
They don’t see how much time was dedicated to preparing you for this moment,
Or how much warmth it takes to ease the pain from that sprain of your last heartache,
Warmth that you found in my arms.
I kissed your lips the first time you said hello
I held you in my arms the moment you gave me a hug.
I heard your voice in my dreams, the first time you spoke my name.
Those moments were great,
Minus the moments inside my mind that never existed in reality.
In reality……
Let me hold you the way you hold a football…. Prepared to run those few extra yards to get a touchdown.
But this time, let me be the reason you do a victory dance.
Dance in a way that a college student does to help pay for their tuition.
Like it’s something you must do.
But don’t let Sallie Mae be the reason you stop.
In the end, it’ll just turn out to be another debt you’ll have to pay.
Let me be your cheerleader for the moments when your life coaches aren’t enough.
I’ll be your support system when everyone else seems to be more focused on the plays than on the player.
I’ll hold your mouth guard as you whisper a prayer before your game,
Give you that extra sip of Gatorade when you’re losing too many electrolytes.
I’ll do all of this because you’re my number one draft pick.
But I’ll be here for you long after the contract is void.
Remember that love is eerily similar to a football game.
It’s an entire arena filled with spectators who have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
It’s a defensive and an offensive line that plays off of each other.
Even with all of the spectators and coaches, in the end only two things matter,
The players and the plays.
Regardless of how many plays you’re given, without a player there’ll be no game.


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