Letter to my future husband

    I was online the other day and saw Novel tweet something that got me to thinking. He tweeted “I’m not single. I’m just in a long distance relationship with my future wife. #shesouttheresomewhere.” This hit a nerve for me. I guess I sort of feel the same way. The only difference is I’m in a long distance relationship with my future husband. He doesn’t quite know that I’m his future wife. Although, this is true, I pray for him on a regular basis. I need my God to shield and protect him on his journey to me. I have to make sure that he’s taken care of before he finds his rib that can protect him even more. Well, I decided to write a letter to him. Maybe one day he’ll read this and think, “She’s been ready for me a long time.”

To my future husband

    I know you may not know who I am yet, but I felt the need to inform you of some things. First, I’m so utterly and unconditionally in love with you. I pray for you on a regular basis. Life is hard. There are times when I wonder how you’re doing. I wonder if you’re having a good day. I wonder if God is taking care of you for me. Things get difficult, and I think of you. I know that you’re out there somewhere in search of that rib you’ve been missing. Hopefully, it feels empty there. But don’t worry; there is just enough room for me. I pray that we can be best friends. Your friendship means the world to me. I also hope that we can be prayer partners. Nothing in the world will bring us closer.

    Pursue your dreams. No dream is too big. God gave you gifts for a reason, use them. Maybe one day, we can share our gifts. God gives us visions for a reason. They are visuals of things to come. Just like, I had a vision of you, your visions are just as important. I had a vision that you and I were beyond close and that God was our center. Things couldn’t be better.

    People are going to read this letter and wonder who you are. I’ll be wondering also. The only difference is that I know you exist. I know that you’re somewhere preparing for your meeting with me. I hope that God has told you all about me. So when we finally do meet, there won’t be many surprises. But I promise that you won’t have a boring day with me. I’ve been waiting my entire life almost to share all of my ideas with you. So hurry up and find me, I’m waiting.

Love Always,

Your Future Wife

P.S. Thank you in advance, for our beautiful son. He has eyes like yours, with hair like mine! J

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