Freestyle Friday: Holding Jay DaSkreet Hostage for a #NoExits Interview


POETICXPOSURE.COM: How did you come up with the title for No Exits?

JAY DASKREET: It was titled after an idea me and the #Agency came up with. The concept was,[what] if the #Agency locked me in the studio and decided I couldn’t get out unless I recorded a project.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: You mentioned the #Agency. Who are they and what effect have they had on your career as an underground artist?

JAY DASKREET: The #Agency is a collective of artists, producers, graphic designers and engineers. Basically it’s a group of talented people who are all serious about music that big up each other through promotion, features, and overall advice. The Agency has embraced me as one of their own and allowed me to grow with them as they have grown as of recently. There would be no #NoExits cd without them. We are FAM!

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Let’s backtrack, for those who may not already know, who is Jay DaSkreet?

JAY DASKREET: Jay DaSkreet is a Chicago born, Mississippi raised MC with deep roots in poetry. I think the most accurate description I have ever received of myself is “Prolific Writer” considering I write in pretty much every genre as well as short stories and I’m slowly getting into play writing. In a nutshell though, I am the embodiment of Hip-Hop.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: What is your definition of Hip-Hop?

JAY DASKREET: There is no simple definition… Hip-Hop is a culture. It is a way to bring your reality to the world around you in a way people can SEE your view. It is innovating and trendsetting while simultaneously showing respect to the pioneers. IT is being fiercely competitive while at the same time pushing your competition to be better. Hip-Hop to me is an actual way of live that includes but is by no means limited to rap. Hip-Hop is more than music. It’s clothes and slang and even politics.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Who do you consider to be some of the pioneers that have influenced your music?

JAY DASKREET: My music… Hmmm well I came up on Twista and Crucial Conflict. Then there was No Limit and UGK and Outkast, followed by Three-Six Mafia and Playa Fly. Then I started getting into the Jay-Z and Nas and Eminem joints. I’m ever evolving though. I was one of the people who went and got on Pac and Biggie and LL [Cool J]. DMX taught me to not be afraid to be COMPLETELY real on a track. I was also bumping Babyface and Jodeci and Toni Braxton too LOL. That’s why I have an affinity for love songs.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Speaking of love songs, one of my absolute favorite tracks on the project, is “Delirious Love.” What was the inspiration for this song?

JAY DASKREET: The inspiration was my real relationship LOL. Before my girl and I moved in [together] we were literally at each other spots so much that it started to be funny waking up and taking a minute to see whose place we were at. She used to come and spend the night to go to work on a Wednesday and then end up getting clothes from work (she works in retail) then come back cause neither of us wanted to be apart. Then we would look up and it would be Tuesday and she would go to her house so it wouldn’t be a week at my place. We have really done rock , paper, scissors to see who would get up cause neither of us wanted to!! I just decided in order to make a REAL love song, I should use REAL experiences.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s dope. Being in a relationship, would you say it’s easier or more difficult being in an industry that requires a lot of interaction with the opposite sex?

JAY DASKREET: It’s definitely has its difficult times lol, but it’s difficult from both ends and most people don’t know that . You have the side everybody knows which is the artist interacting with the opposite sex, the advances and the flirting, the groupies. But from the artist point you have to deal with the reassuring your mate and getting them to trust you. You have to deal with trusting them while you’re gone for long periods of time as well as getting them to differentiate between the artist you and the real you.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s a very good philosophy to have. What would you say is one of your favorite tracks on the project?

JAY DASKREET: I would definitely say “Thermometer” feat. Crisis901

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s definitely a very touching track. I won’t give too much away for those who haven’t heard it, but what inspired the track?

JAY DASKREET: Well as an artist, I’m known for my live shows and my personality. I’ve been grooming myself  to be an artist a long time so I’m all about the show must go on. While I was writing this project, I was dealing with some personal and professional things that I had to keep with myself. But I was still making appearances and I couldn’t let what I was dealing with affect the shows I was giving my fans. It was bothering, me so I wrote a song. I reached out to Crisis because I knew he had an amazing voice and he was wanting to get more into that side of his talent. The result was absolutely Memphenominal.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s amazing. I love to see an artist that doesn’t make apologies or excuses but continues to be an artist first and foremost. This has been a great interview. I want to thank you for allowing me to do this and for being open and honest with me. For the new fans, if they were to listen to one song of yours that you think would make them an instant fan, which song would it be?

JAY DASKREET: I have several but… I’m going to go with my first ever radio-played song. That would be “Hello Lover.” I have never met someone who has heard that song that didn’t love it almost instantly! Thank you so much for having me.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: You’re very welcome. I definitely want people to hear your work and especially want them to hear #NoExits. Where can people find your music. What’s your social network sites and where can they download the #NoExits project?

JAY DASKREET: Well I’m not hard to find at all. All of my social media sites are tied to my name Jay DaSkreet. My main distribution sites are and #NoExits was released exclusively through BandCamp and it is “Make Your Own Price” starting at $2. This means, you could get the entire project for just $2 but I definitely encourage and accept more for it.

Find Jay’s music and links to his social media below:






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