Taking a look at the Goodnight Sky with J.D.S.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: For those who may not know you, Who is J.D.S.?
J.D.S.: J.D.S is a young Memphis artist. Leader of the young world and one half of Knee Brace Music production team.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: What is your definition of Hip Hop?
J.D.S.: Vibrant urban culture. The truth of the uncomfortable majority in the form of art.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: Who do you consider some of the pioneers that have influenced your music and your sound?
J.D.S.:  Kanye West musically is my number 1 inspiration. As far as rap goes I have to say Lil Wayne an T.I are big inspirations also J Cole and Starlito.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: You have a new project dropping on the 31st of this month, “Goodnight Sky.” How did you come up with that title and what’s the concept behind the project?
J.D.S.: It’s basically all the shit I think about in the wee hours of the night when I’m the most real with myself. It’s very personal and if you don’t know me then you will when you hear it.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: On top of being a dope hip hop artist, you are also a well known producer in Memphis. Tell me more about Knee Brace Music.
J.D.S.: KBM is me and my brother Mike Maxis. We been making music together since 2012 and we were 14-15 years old. The name stems from my torn ligaments in my knees. Injuries I suffered in high school that led to some of our best work at the time.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: Did Knee Brace Music produce this entire project or did you welcome other producers’ talents?
J.D.S.: It was all us lol. We locked in for a long time on this.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: I heard a lot of familiar as well as unfamiliar voices on this project. Who are some of the featured artists?
J.D.S.: My friend Bradyn
Mika Genesis
Jay Daskreet
Snapback Jolo
Idaly Maceano
Alma Almaz and
Miss Joyce
POETICXPOSURE.COM: Speaking of featured artists, one of my favorite songs on the project has a female feature. “Conversations” is a very melodic song. What was your thought process while creating this song and how did you pick the featured artist for this one?
J.D.S.: It’s funny I had writer’s block bad when i first got the track done. I couldn’t write to it. I had to go to Idaly’s place because we were consulting on some of her music and she helped me come up with Conversations and Gas on the same day. She’s dope lol.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: I’ve been a fan of your work for a while, your music as well as your production work. I’m particular fond of your singing. Your live performances are very energetic and seem to be full of personality. You seem to be creating your own lane when it comes to your style. If you were to place yourself in a genre, would it be hip hop or something else?
J.D.S.: I’m definitely Hip Hop but I’m like on some other shit though, if that makes sense. I like to call what I do “Post Hip-Hop”. Super punk rock vibes from that title but I feel like I’m doing something different.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: How can people get in touch with you or Knee Brace Music for production services?
J.D.S.: Contact me and mike @wearetheyoungworld on IG and twitter or email at inquiry@wearetheyoungworld.com
POETICXPOSURE.COM: Where can we find your previous and upcoming projects?
J.D.S.: There are no previous works available but starting on Dec 31st we are at www.wearetheyoungworld.com
POETICXPOSURE.COM: Do you have any shows or performances coming up that you want people to know about?
J.D.S.: DreamFest 6 I’m participating in night 2 of the festivities. On Feb 18th KBM is taking part in the draft edition of DOA and Mike will be there and I have a performance that night as well at another event and that info will be available shortly.
POETICXPOSURE.COM: It’s been a pleasure interviewing you and I can’t wait for this project to be released. If you had to pick one song already released that would give people an idea of the type of music that you create, which song would it be?
J.D.S.: Nights by Frank Ocean

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