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Journey Through Love

A Collection of Poetry

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He’s the star of the track team. But at home, he’s running from a completely different demon.

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Max, John, and Ashley grew up together on the countryside. As typical children, they liked to challenge each other and get into mischief. Old Memories come about and Ashley helps Max to see some things that he never knew existed. What do you do when railroad tracks lead you in the wrong direction?

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In a story of love, loss, and betrayal, Kamaria is a living, breathing wake-up call. Kamaria is a 33 year old woman who grew up on the Southside of Chicago. She witnessed her parents die in a horrible car accident leaving her with an inheritance of five million dollars and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. With this disorder came the need to love and be loved. Kamaria decides to leave her hometown to create a  new life for herself. Her new life consists of a husband and two beautiful children, until her husband attempted to take away her beauty. This led Kamaria to have an affair. Her lover becomes possessive and Kamaria gets too comfortable. What happens when her  past and future collide? Will she be able to accept the reality or will it consume her?


Martin had a rough childhood. Most people would have a hard time coping with such pain. However, Martin didn’t remember any of it.  Martin spends his adult life, living and falling in love. But what happens when he sees his past reflected in the mirror and he doesn’t recognize it? Purchase includes a digital download!