InKredibly O.P.E.N.



Organized: For the busy person, who may be an artist, work for corporate America, or own a small or large business, we have something for you.

Have you ever purchased planners that you’ve had to fit your life into? Well InKredibly Organized can design a custom planner that instead, fits into your busy life.

This could include custom frequently used contact numbers that are placed conveniently where you would need them. You can pick the start and ending dates of your planner. If your company works on a different schedule or your life plays to the beat of a different drum, we can make the planner that would perfectly represent your personality.

Depending on your life goals, we are able to insert quotes and words of affirmation that would fit your lifestyle. We will handpick these quotes specifically for you. If you have any favorite quotes or specific words of affirmation that you use regularly, we can insert those as well.

Poetic: Are you a poet or writer that needs a custom journal created just for you? We can make your vision come to life.

Expressive: Are you an artist, or do you like to sketch or doodle? We have the custom sketchpad for you. The cover will be customized to your liking. If you have a drawing that you would like to be the cover for your sketchpad, we can make it possible.

Noticeable: Do you have a startup company that needs marketing material to make your business more noticeable? You’ve found the right place. We offer services and products that will help make your business a success.
Maybe you have a business, but it isn’t doing so well. If you need a business makeover, we can redesign your model to bring in more revenue for your company.

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Price List

Logo Design $65
Flyers $85
Banners Design $100
Business Card $35
Photo Editing $15/photo
Resumes $30
Resume w/ cover letter $35
Resume repair $20
Business Proposals from scratch $125
Business proposal editing $75
Grammatical Editing $.75/ word
Content Editing $1.50/ word
Virtual Assistant $25/ hour 3 hours/3 days a week $225/week
Custom Planners Starting at $50
Custom Journals Starting at $35
Custom Sketchpads Starting at $35

Startup Business Package: $600
Includes: logo design, flyers, business cards, business proposal, virtual assistant for 14 days, custom planner, custom journal

Business makeover: $450
Includes: Logo remodel, flyer remodel, business card remodel, virtual assistant for 14 days, custom planner, custom journal

Need a courier or a runner for an upcoming event? We provide those services as well. Contact for more information.