Journey Through Love (A Poetry Collection)


Journey Through Love


Journey Through Love (A Poetry Collection)

“No one ever told me that love would be a journey.
That I would be backpacking through the windows of your past
boarded to hide the things you’re ashamed of.
Skating by your insecurities in order to ease the pain.
Knee deep in the only ocean that separates you from your truth.”

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‘Twas The Night After Christmas: A Short Story

Twas The Night.png

Christmas was probably my least favorite time of year. They say that depression kicks in around this time. But that wasn’t my case. I was just typically unimpressed by the entire thing, the Christmas trees, mistletoe, carols, gifts, and definitely the snow. This year wasn’t much different. The one thing that was, was him. This year I wasn’t alone. I had a reason to celebrate and a reason to decorate my home. He never celebrated Christmas growing up and this year, he wanted it to be special. He had just gotten home from war. He didn’t have much family, just me. So, I wanted to make this day special for him. After all, it was the day after Christmas. His flight got delayed so he wasn’t able to make it for Christmas, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t normally celebrate anyway. Better late than, never right?

I had to pick him Romeo up from the airport at noon. By 11:00, I had completed the meal for us to eat, decorated the Christmas tree and wrapped his gifts. I was at the gate waiting for him at 11:45.

“Yo!!!! Lisa!!”

He seemed so excited to see me.

“How long has it been? A year?”

“Probably longer. You know you don’t know how to come see a brother.”

“Whatever Romeo. Ready to go?”

“You know it. I hope you got dinner ready.”

“You do realize that it’s only noon, right?”

“I do, but I’m also hungry. You know they only feed us peanuts and water on the planes now. I’m starving.”

“Don’t worry about it. Have I ever let you down?”

“Maybe that one time back in high school. But that’s a conversation for another day.”

He drove us to the house. I remember when we were in high school, he never let me touch a steering wheel. He said as long as he was around, driving was the least of my worries.

After what seemed like hours in traffic, we made it to the house. He grabbed his bags out of the trunk as I walked to unlock the door.

“I keep forgetting how beautiful your home is.”

“Thanks! I guess my interior decorating skills come in handy somewhere.”

“What do you mean somewhere? You’ve been doing this for years. I’m sure you just take extra care while decorating your own home.”

“You’re right. I love it. With everyone else, it’s almost like going on a first date with someone. I have to learn things about them to make sure that whatever I put in the house is a direct reflection of them.”

“I understand that.”

He walked into the living room.

“Lisa, you didn’t have to put up the tree.”

“What kind of Christmas would it be, if I didn’t?”

“A great one, because I get to spend it with you.”

“Well aren’t you sweet!”

“I try to be. But about this food. I’ll go put my bags in the guest bedroom.”

I was reheating the food when he walked into the kitchen.

“So, what did you make?”

“Seafood dressing, baked macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and kale.”

“That sounds delicious. I can’t wait.”

“It’ll be ready shortly. The table’s already set. Go through my albums and see if you find anything you want to listen to.”

Just as I was taking the food to the table, I heard Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song” playing over the loud speakers. I couldn’t believe that he remembered. That was my absolute favorite version of that song and I loved Nat King Cole.

“Dinner’s served, Romeo.”

“Everything looks great, Lisa! I want to thank you again for allowing me to spend a few days with you. I would have been in a lonely hotel eating take-out if you hadn’t.”

“Well I happen to love take-out.”

“I’m sure you do. But thank you anyway.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s sit down and eat.”

We spent the next thirty minutes, eating and talking about old times. Romeo and I met in high school. I had a crush on him. But he liked someone else. So instead of making a big deal about it, I decided to just be his friend. That was probably the best decision I made, because he was the best friend that a girl could request. He did everything that you would expect a boyfriend to do. He set the bar so high that it was hard to find a guy worth my time. When he joined the military after high school, I didn’t want him to leave. But he had to do what was best for him and his son.

“How’s Jr. doing?”

“He’s great. Growing every day. His mom sends me pictures all the time. I’m going to try and see him before I leave the city. They’re visiting her family for the holidays. Hopefully, they’ll be back in town before I leave.”

“I remember when you started dating his mom. I just knew you two would get married.”

“I thought so too. But you never know how things will turn out. I actually thought about you a lot while I was overseas.”

“Really? What were those thoughts exactly?”

“We have a lot of history, Lisa. I really wish we had stayed in touch more over the years.”

“It’s okay. We’re back at it now, right?”

“Yes, we are. Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure, why not. What did you have in mind?”

“I haven’t seen ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ in years. Probably since high school. What about that?”

“I love that movie. I guess you are in the Christmas mood huh?”

“You know it.”

“Wait, before we do that, I got you something. It’s wrapped under the tree.”

“I saw that. I just knew that it was yours.”

“Well you’re the only one who celebrates Christmas the next day. I opened my few gifts yesterday. Just open it.”

He opened the gift and immediately started to cry.

“Why are you crying?”

“I can’t remember the last time I got a Christmas gift. Thank you.”

“It was nothing. I just saw it and thought of you. I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it.”

“Okay enough of the waterworks. Let’s watch this movie.”

We spent about an hour watching the movie before he fell asleep on the couch. I was lying in his lap. When I looked up, his head was tilted backwards. I woke him up when the movie was over.

“You fell asleep on me Romeo.”

“I’m so sorry. That trip drained me. Maybe I should hit the hay. Hang out tomorrow?”

“Most definitely. There are some clean towels and things in your bathroom already in case you need to wash some of that flight off.”

“I think I may. Thanks again for everything, Lisa.”

“No problem. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got up, cleaned the kitchen, put the leftovers away, and turned off the tv. If he was going to sleep, I would spend the next few hours reading until I fell asleep.

After a few hours I still couldn’t go to sleep. I remembered when I was in college, he would come to visit me in my on-campus apartment. He would be sleeping on the couch. I could never sleep too far from him when we were in the same place. So, I would get up from my cozy bed and sleep with him on the couch. It was a comfort thing. He never seemed to mind it. But we never talked about it either.

Instead of a couch, he had an entire bed. I made my way into his bedroom. He was dead to the world. I gently pulled the covers back in order not to wake him. I curled up beside him with my head on his chest. Before I could get comfortable, he wrapped his arm around me. As I started to doze off, he kissed me on my forehead. I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep after that.

By the time I woke up it was one in the morning. We did fall asleep early. I looked up at him and he was awake, watching me.

“Hey sleeping beauty. You still having trouble sleeping huh?”

“It only seems to happen when you’re around. I sleep okay most nights.”

“I was hoping you would come sleep with me.”


“Yes, really. That was always my favorite part about coming to visit you”

“Well, since it’s another day, I have a question for you.”


“You said I let you down in high school. When did I let you down?”

“I can’t believe you waited to ask me that.”

“I was curious and wanted to know.”

“Well if you must know, you let me down the day that you decided to only be my friend.”

“But you liked Ashely. What was I supposed to do?”

“You were supposed to fight for me. The reason Ashley and I broke up was because she thought we were messing off.”

“You never told me that.”

“I didn’t want you to stop being my friend. I knew that if you thought you were interfering with my relationship in anyway, you would’ve disappeared.”

“You’re right, I would have.”

“After all of those years, I have yet to meet anyone who cared about me as genuinely as you.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want your face to be the first face I see when I get home from deployments. I want to enjoy home cooked meals with you. I want to travel with you. Tell me that you feel the same way.”

“I must admit that picking you up from the airport felt natural. Everything about to day felt natural except for us sleeping in separate rooms.”

“Well let’s fix that. Marry me, Lisa.”


“Wait, I know that I said I didn’t get you anything but that’s not completely true.”

He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a ring box.

“Lisa, will you marry me?”

“Yes, Romeo. I will.”

Then came the tears. But this time, they were mine.

We spent the next year planning a wedding that we never expected to have. Who would have known that celebrating Christmas a day late, would make me a bride to be. From that moment on, Christmas had a different meaning. It meant more to me than Christmas trees, mistletoe, carols, gifts, and definitely the snow. It meant that love existed right in front of me, I only had to pay attention and maybe fall asleep in his arms.

Finding Your Happy: When What You Can Get Isn’t Good Enough!


enjoying life

Photo cred: Michael Butler Jr. of one901


“You made this choice, so you have to take what you can get.”

When you’ve been hearing this your whole life, you start to wonder if you’re making the wrong choices. But you were also raised by a strong woman who taught you to go after what you wanted and to never take no for an answer.

But there’s nothing wrong with telling yourself no sometimes, especially when it’s for your own good.

We go through life wanting to be accepted. When we’re not, it hurts. It also hurts when people misunderstand you. You spend time getting to know people and you show those people your surface. After all, everyone isn’t built to see your heart.

Everyone won’t understand how you can love so deeply even when people don’t love you back. They’ll turn your good deeds into selfish acts. They’ll diminish who you are. They’ll misinterpret your nonchalant nature that protects your open heart from getting damaged for lack of care. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You actually care too much, so much that you’ve sacrificed a lot of your dreams for friendships that didn’t last more than a month.

You’ll cry, you’ll pretend not to. You’ll spend most nights feeling like that fifteen year old girl who no one liked. The girl who fell in love too quickly and gave too much. You’ll wish those memories didn’t exist. You’ll be reminded by your best friend that those memories remind you to never go back to that place. You’ll cry on their shoulder. You’ll send them messages in the middle of the night because you know they’re not awake to read them. You’ll wake up the next morning to a love letter in the form of praises and honesty from one of the few people who actually get you.

“You’re beautiful,” they’ll say. “You’re important and forget anyone who thinks otherwise. They may not need you. But you need you. I need you. Fight through this!”

You’ll feel embarrassed because as hard as the night before was, you’ll find joy in the sunlight. You’ll find joy in waking up in the morning. You’ll realize that your emotions are real, even the fleeting ones.

You’ll find your happy in small moments, in passing smiles. You’ll find a smile in your dreams. Peace lives there. You’ll learn to wake up with your dreams still on your heart. Because most days it’s the only thing that’ll keep you going.

You won’t accept “take what you can get.” Because whose right is it to tell what to take. People will force themselves into your thoughts. They’ll try to tell you that you’re less than everything you know to be. They’ll point out your flaws in hopes that they will overshadow the good in you.

You put good things into the atmosphere. You give all the love you can, in hopes that it’ll come back to you. Even when it doesn’t, you’ll know it wasn’t in vain. Because one day there will be a moment when all of the happy that you were looking for, will show up out of nowhere wearing your hopes and dreams proudly. It’ll show up dressed in confidence and beauty. It will be all that you prayed it would be and then some. It’ll remind you of all those nights that you spent wanting to feel accepted. And you’ll see that it never mattered. Because in the end, you found your happy and what you have now, is everything you’ve ever wanted.

Searching for My Better Whole: When 1/2 Just Won’t Do

better whole

Love is a funny thing. We say things, like he’s my better-half, not really knowing what that means. To love half of a person is great undertaking. Most of us learn to love half people because it takes a lot to be whole. You’re saying that you’ll be the other half that their missing. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But to love a whole person, is so much greater.

I loved you whole again. I saw something in you that I was missing. I’d lived my life overwhelmed and anxious. When you have the potential to be something great, and it’s bottled inside of daily routine and monotony, you tend to feel lonely. You tend to miss out on the joy of being whole. It’s almost as though you’re too full. But then I met you. You seemed to be missing everything of which I had too much. So I poured it into you. I gave you all that was too much for me to handle. All of the love that I didn’t know what to do with, I gave it to you. And in turn, you showed me who I really was. The parts of me that I hated, you loved, which in turn made me love them too. I loved them because they were enough for you. The whole me, was enough for you.

We try to find parts of ourselves in other people. We try to shape them into the beings that we wish we were. In turn, we make them feel as though they aren’t enough. When they don’t give us what we need, we search for it in things. We surround our lives with clutter. We make ourselves busy. We pretend to be happy, when we’re just going through the motions trying to make the world think that we’re perfect. Some of us even search for it in other people. But we find other people who are also missing things and end up being co-dependent. We love them because we need them instead of needing them because we love them.

I loved you before I knew you. Something about you drew me to you. You felt like home. Lingering hugs and fleeting conversations about nothing. But all of it made me feel closer to you. Closer to the person I didn’t really know. Closer to the person, just like me. My twin soul, my soul mate, my better whole, if you will. Out of all the men I’ve loved, you make sense. You remind me why it never worked with anyone else. It wasn’t supposed to. I’m actually glad it didn’t. 

We search for the perfection that we lack in other people. They let us down every time. Until we’re able to truly love ourselves, we’ll never truly know what love is. We’ll never understand what it means to have someone especially for us. We’ll look for our soul mates in soulless people. We’ll end up hurt every time. We’ll  hurt other people. But when we become whole, finding the one for us will be easy. We’ll spot them from a mile away. We’ll no longer have to figure out if it will work, because it just will.

Everything you thought you were missing, will be clear as day. You’ll see them and all of a sudden, your world makes sense. Love makes sense because you’re no longer looking for your better-half, because sometimes half just won’t do.

This is How You Love Him: When You’ve Met Your Soulmate

This is how you love him

Love is a simple thing. Many would argue with me and say that it’s supposed to be complicated. But I disagree.

“Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, It does not boast, It is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.” 1 Corinthians 4-7

Love is patient:

They say that good things come to those who wait. Well love is the best gift. When you love someone, sometimes you have to wait because you never know what may be on the path ahead. Don’t rush. Just let things fall as they may.

Love is kind:

It’s the feeling that you get when someone does something for you just because. It’s the feeling you have after spending Sunday dinner with family and ending the night on the front porch drinking lemonade and eating homemade butter cookies.

It does not envy:

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it’s envious of the things that should come second nature.

Imagine, being in love with someone but you’re not allowed to say. Love is a compromise. It is the feeling of certainty when they walk into a room. It is the feeling of peace that comes over you after a long day, when you thought you were angry. It’s the doubt that leaves, when they put you in your place.

Have you ever met your rib?

If you have to think about it, you haven’t.

Your rib is the missing piece of you. It’s the part of you that all makes sense. Imagine feeling emotions that don’t belong to you, or sharing thoughts without even knowing it.

Do you remember that time you hurt your leg? She felt it. She couldn’t figure out why it hurt so bad. Her mom told her, “They’re just growing pains. They’ll go away soon.”

Love is growing pains. It is realizing that you spent your entire life searching for someone who was with you all along. It is being hurt that you had to go through so much heartache and that he had to endure it too.

It does not boast, It isn’t proud:

Love should never make you feel inadequate. It isn’t proud. But if you must, be proud of each other. Be proud that out of all the girls in the world, he chose you.

But what does it mean to be chosen? What does it mean to belong to someone? I wish I knew the answer to that. But once you meet the one, there’s no question. You’re proud of the person they’ve become. You’re proud that you endured all of that pain that led you to him.

It does not dishonor others:

People see you and can only think of good things. They don’t see you for your falls, only the times you’ve risen, because they far outweigh your downs.

Love is self-explanatory. It has the ability to stand on it’s own when questioned. It’s that person who says, “Oh, I could see it in your eyes,” or the person who says, “I love ya’lls spirit. There’s something that shines when you two walk into a room.” It’s people knowing that you belong together before he grabs your hand or puts his arm around your waist or kisses you on your forehead as he walks by.

Love is everything you ever dreamt of wrapped up in the prayers of your mother that you’ll find someone who loves you after years of giving love to those who didn’t deserve it.

If you’ve ever doubted it, you may be still searching. But don’t stop, it’s just over the horizon. If you ever give up hope, just remember that love always hopes, it always preserves.

If you wonder why no one has ever loved you for you, realize that God only shows your heart to the one who is supposed to protect it. Love always protects. He can’t protect something he can’t see.

So just hold on, because when it’s all said and done, This is How You Love Him…

Your soulmate, that is!


“Get Out,” Interracial Relationships and Hypnosis.

Get Out

Opening weekend, I went to see the most anticipated film of the year, so far, “Get Out.” Bae and I went to see the matinee in Midtown. I figured that there would be a pretty mixed crowd and I would have a pretty decent viewing experience. That couldn’t have been more accurate.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should probably stop reading right now. There will be plenty of spoilers.

Initially, I was worried. I knew that it was a “horror” film. I typically love horror films. Jump-scares actually make me laugh. But this was different. So by all means, call it what you want, but this was definitely a psychological thriller for many different reasons.

There were a few jump-scares, but for the most part, “Get Out” made you think. It made you wonder about your deepest fears. It asked you your fears, and then placed them directly in front of you and told you not to move for the remainder of the film.

Let’s talk about the hypnosis for a minute. Many people view hypnosis as a way of letting someone inside their mind. That’s not too far from the truth. A quick bing search will define hypnosis as “the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behavior by suggestion, has been revived but is still controversial.”

In the movie, hypnosis plays a very important part of the plot. The mother is a psychiatrist who helps people deal with issues. Upon Chris’s arrival, she offered to help rid him of his smoking habit. She promised that hypnosis would do the trick. His girlfriend responded by saying that not everyone likes their heads to be messed with.

Chris becomes suspicious. His first night, her mother convinced him to come and join her in the den. While doing this, she began to ask him questions related to the death of his mother. These questions brought back memories that he had previously suppressed. This memory of his mother would ultimately cause him to make decisions that he probably wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Chris begins to notice that the only other black people in the neighborhood are strange. He tries to communicate with them all at different times. Each time, he gets nowhere. There is no mental connection at all. He seems to feel alone in all of this. His girlfriend begins to side with him and tells him that she’s sorry for bringing them there and that maybe her parents are racist.

To me, the hypnosis represents the media’s ability to make us believe whatever they want. They place images into our minds and allow us to create alternate realities almost. The same goes for slavery. When slaves were brought to America from Africa, they were told that they were stupid because they didn’t speak American’s native tongue. Because many African’s didn’t know any better, they accepted that as true. Harriet Tubman said that she could have saved more slaves, if only they knew that they were slaves. By keeping slaves in the dark, they could not reach their full potential. It hindered their growth on so many levels. But they needed us for their labor. The things that they were unable to do, they forced Africans to do it because they typically produced things more effectively and efficiently.In a world where people believe everything they hear, hypnosis wouldn’t seem too far fetched.

This brings us to the belief that African Americans are often idolized by others who don’t quite understand our culture. This movie takes things a bit farther. The white members of the community actually bid on Chris. This bid will determine who he belongs to. Once they complete the purchase, Chris is subdued and forced into the basement of the house. While here, he watches a video where his buyer explains to him exactly what will occur.

The girlfriend’s father , who is a neurosurgeon would ultimately remove about 75% of Chris’s brain and replace it with 75% of the buyer’s brain. This will allow the buyer, the ability to function as Chris. The 25% of Chris’s brain that would be left is the tiny part that still remains. If he were to ever come to and leave the state of hypnosis, he would remember who he was  long enough to hate the idea that someone had stolen his identity but was evil enough to keep him aware. His buyer was blind and Chris had an eye for photography that the buyer didn’t have. There have been many instances and talks about organ harvesting in the U.S., particularly of African Americans. It would’ve been too much for him to just simply steal Chris’s eyes for him to see, he wanted to be him. This takes organ harvesting to an entirely different level. Not only did the white people in this community want to be like African Americans, they went the extra mile to become them.

Jordan Peele played on the fear of black men dating outside of their race. People make jokes about black men dating white women and they make fun of the fact that white women often have a history of causing black men to get into trouble, specifically with the law. But while people are joking, this is a legitimate fear.

Close to the end of the movie, Rose (Chris’s girlfriend), is sitting on the bed looking online for her next victim, specifically basketball players. I remember growing up with all boy cousins. Most of them were athletes. We also went to a majority white high school. There was always the fear in the back of my mind that one of them would get involved with a white girl and she would end his athletic career, by claiming rape or because her parents simply didn’t approve of the relationship. Though this fear was often unmerited, the fear was there all the same. Peele showed us things that we never actually wanted to talk about.

Something that stood out about this movie to me, was the scientific way that the community went about stealing the bodies of African Americans. I instatntly thougth of the movie, “The Skeleton Key.” This movie is based in New Orleans and focuses on Hoodoo. They go a spiritual route in stealing bodies of people that are more valuable than their own. To compare these movies, allows someone to realize the difference in the way African Americans think. Many African Americans grow up believing in their spirituality. They spend time nurturing that side of them. In a quest to live forever, the characters in “The Skeleton Key” uses spells and rituals to steal the bodies of others. While the characters in “Get Out” used science and brain surgery to do the same thing.

If I had to describe this film in three phrases, it would be, Stay Woke, Pay Attention, and Get Out.

With all of the symbolism in the movie, I believe that Peele left the movie open for interpretation. This is only my opinion. What are your thoughts?



Freestyle Friday: Holding Jay DaSkreet Hostage for a #NoExits Interview


POETICXPOSURE.COM: How did you come up with the title for No Exits?

JAY DASKREET: It was titled after an idea me and the #Agency came up with. The concept was,[what] if the #Agency locked me in the studio and decided I couldn’t get out unless I recorded a project.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: You mentioned the #Agency. Who are they and what effect have they had on your career as an underground artist?

JAY DASKREET: The #Agency is a collective of artists, producers, graphic designers and engineers. Basically it’s a group of talented people who are all serious about music that big up each other through promotion, features, and overall advice. The Agency has embraced me as one of their own and allowed me to grow with them as they have grown as of recently. There would be no #NoExits cd without them. We are FAM!

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Let’s backtrack, for those who may not already know, who is Jay DaSkreet?

JAY DASKREET: Jay DaSkreet is a Chicago born, Mississippi raised MC with deep roots in poetry. I think the most accurate description I have ever received of myself is “Prolific Writer” considering I write in pretty much every genre as well as short stories and I’m slowly getting into play writing. In a nutshell though, I am the embodiment of Hip-Hop.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: What is your definition of Hip-Hop?

JAY DASKREET: There is no simple definition… Hip-Hop is a culture. It is a way to bring your reality to the world around you in a way people can SEE your view. It is innovating and trendsetting while simultaneously showing respect to the pioneers. IT is being fiercely competitive while at the same time pushing your competition to be better. Hip-Hop to me is an actual way of live that includes but is by no means limited to rap. Hip-Hop is more than music. It’s clothes and slang and even politics.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Who do you consider to be some of the pioneers that have influenced your music?

JAY DASKREET: My music… Hmmm well I came up on Twista and Crucial Conflict. Then there was No Limit and UGK and Outkast, followed by Three-Six Mafia and Playa Fly. Then I started getting into the Jay-Z and Nas and Eminem joints. I’m ever evolving though. I was one of the people who went and got on Pac and Biggie and LL [Cool J]. DMX taught me to not be afraid to be COMPLETELY real on a track. I was also bumping Babyface and Jodeci and Toni Braxton too LOL. That’s why I have an affinity for love songs.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: Speaking of love songs, one of my absolute favorite tracks on the project, is “Delirious Love.” What was the inspiration for this song?

JAY DASKREET: The inspiration was my real relationship LOL. Before my girl and I moved in [together] we were literally at each other spots so much that it started to be funny waking up and taking a minute to see whose place we were at. She used to come and spend the night to go to work on a Wednesday and then end up getting clothes from work (she works in retail) then come back cause neither of us wanted to be apart. Then we would look up and it would be Tuesday and she would go to her house so it wouldn’t be a week at my place. We have really done rock , paper, scissors to see who would get up cause neither of us wanted to!! I just decided in order to make a REAL love song, I should use REAL experiences.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s dope. Being in a relationship, would you say it’s easier or more difficult being in an industry that requires a lot of interaction with the opposite sex?

JAY DASKREET: It’s definitely has its difficult times lol, but it’s difficult from both ends and most people don’t know that . You have the side everybody knows which is the artist interacting with the opposite sex, the advances and the flirting, the groupies. But from the artist point you have to deal with the reassuring your mate and getting them to trust you. You have to deal with trusting them while you’re gone for long periods of time as well as getting them to differentiate between the artist you and the real you.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s a very good philosophy to have. What would you say is one of your favorite tracks on the project?

JAY DASKREET: I would definitely say “Thermometer” feat. Crisis901

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s definitely a very touching track. I won’t give too much away for those who haven’t heard it, but what inspired the track?

JAY DASKREET: Well as an artist, I’m known for my live shows and my personality. I’ve been grooming myself  to be an artist a long time so I’m all about the show must go on. While I was writing this project, I was dealing with some personal and professional things that I had to keep with myself. But I was still making appearances and I couldn’t let what I was dealing with affect the shows I was giving my fans. It was bothering, me so I wrote a song. I reached out to Crisis because I knew he had an amazing voice and he was wanting to get more into that side of his talent. The result was absolutely Memphenominal.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: That’s amazing. I love to see an artist that doesn’t make apologies or excuses but continues to be an artist first and foremost. This has been a great interview. I want to thank you for allowing me to do this and for being open and honest with me. For the new fans, if they were to listen to one song of yours that you think would make them an instant fan, which song would it be?

JAY DASKREET: I have several but… I’m going to go with my first ever radio-played song. That would be “Hello Lover.” I have never met someone who has heard that song that didn’t love it almost instantly! Thank you so much for having me.

POETICXPOSURE.COM: You’re very welcome. I definitely want people to hear your work and especially want them to hear #NoExits. Where can people find your music. What’s your social network sites and where can they download the #NoExits project?

JAY DASKREET: Well I’m not hard to find at all. All of my social media sites are tied to my name Jay DaSkreet. My main distribution sites are and #NoExits was released exclusively through BandCamp and it is “Make Your Own Price” starting at $2. This means, you could get the entire project for just $2 but I definitely encourage and accept more for it.

Find Jay’s music and links to his social media below:






Song of the Day: T.A. “Cure”

Let’s just say you’ll need a drink of water after watching this! It’s hott! I love the song and the video fits perfectly. It makes it even better that she’s a big sister to me! I’m extremely proud of her. If you like the song, check out her entire album “Lovers & Friends” available on I tunes now! I promise you won’t regret it!